Department of Law

The study of juridical questions regarding the management, protection and valorization of Cultural Heritage has always been the main topic of many members of the Department:

Compared Art Law

Copertina libro Conservation art Law

Alessandra Donati

A book series "Per gli studi in Diritto dell’Arte comparato" was founded and directed by Alessandra Donati.

Identity and definition of Artwork
The research aims at measuring differences between the definitions of Artwork in different copyright regulations.

The value of Authentication
The study focused on the regulation of the authentication process, which is rarely faced in the juridical literature and deserves a new approach.

Patronage and collections
The Italian contest related to the promotion of art and culture is nowadays very weak and must be protected and valorized.

Video Art and Law
The Video Artworks doesn't have a clear juridical context, even if it has become a confirmed form of art.


Insurance Law

Diana Cerini

Insurance, artwork and market
The research activity studies the financial world, and in particular the insurance solutions to manage the assets and the risks linked to the Art Heritage.


International Law and Cultural Heritage

Tullio Scovazzi
The researchers followed the development of three conventions related to the protection of UNESCO Cultural Heritage. In particular, the Convention on the protection of the underwater cultural heritage (2001),  the Convention for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage (2003) and the Convention on the means of prohibiting and preventing the illicit import, export and transport of ownership of cultural property (1970) were taken into account, and many papers were published about these topics..


Philosophy of Law

Lorenzo Passerini Glazel

Analogies between the ontological statute of the juridical entities and of the artworks were studied from the “type-token” point of view. This paradigm was introduced by  Charles Sanders Peirce.


Criminology and Cultural Heritage

Lorenzo Natali

The study, founded by Fondazione Cariplo, explored some theoretical nodes that go through the complex phenomena of crimes against cultural heritage. In 2019 a study on the destruction of artwork by ISIS started. In particular, the study focused on the actions that erase unique masterpieces and hit all humanity.


History of Law

Giovanni Chiodi

Prof. Giovanni Chiodi, together with other Italian and international professors, founded “LawArt. Rivista di Diritto, Arte, Storia / Journal of Law, Art and History”. aIt is a journal that was born from the history of law and aims at an interdisciplinary dialogue. LawArt is an online open-access publication that wants to be an instrument to support the confrontation between law, history and art experts.