Department of Mathematics and its applications

The Department of Mathematics and Applications has been a member of the BiPac Center since 2021. Among the Department's lines of research, we find classical and abstract topics (Algebra, Geometry, Analysis) and also strong application efforts (Probability, Mathematical Physics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Methods for Economics). An outlet for contributing to BiPac also comes from the area of Mathematics Teaching and Dissemination. The Department hosts the MateMatita Center (Interuniversity Research Center for Informal Mathematics Communication and Learning), which among its dissemination activities has precisely the search for mathematical suggestions in cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage. On the one hand, mathematics offers cues for reading reality. On the other hand, images, read on monuments, buildings, sculptures... allow abstract mathematical problems to be presented.

Leonardo da Vinci in “De Divina Proportione” di Luca Pacioli

Johannes Kepler “Astronomia Nova – De Motibus Stellae Martis”