Department of Business and Law

Di.SEA.DE have an interdisciplinary composition, characterized by the integration of business, legal and economic skills. These skills have always focused on the cultural heritage topic, taking into account the connection with the field of tourism.

In this field, the Di.SEA.DE members are not involved in the research, but also in teaching, with the courses of Cultural Heritage Law (A. Candido) and Tourism Law (A. Corrado and S. d’Urso) in the Master Degree of Tourism Economy.

Moreover, A. Corrado and S. d’Urso are members of the journal "Rivista italiana di diritto del turismo- Italian Journal of tourism law" (FrancoAngeli editore). R. Provasi is a member of the board “Manager Culturale” of the Accountants Association in Milano, and member of the scientific board (2012-2018) for the realization of the series “L’arte il Diritto e il mercato” (Skira editor).

On the didactics field, Di.SEA.DE offers the Master Executive MiCAA – Master Executive in Corporate & Art Advisory (coordinator: R. Provasi), in collaboration with CRIET – Centro di Ricerca Interuniversitario in Economia del Territorio. The Master is addressed to the art and cultural heritage workers, such as directors and collaborators of museums, art galleries and foundations, interested in updating their knowledge and skills, or legal and economic experts interested in new opportunities of the art as an investment.

Di.SEA.DE, in collaboration with CRIET – Centro di Ricerca Interuniversitario in Economia del Territorio and with F.T.O. – Federazione del Turismo Organizzato activated the MTSM – Master in Tourism Strategy & Management (coordinator: B. del Bosco). The aim is to develop professional figures that can integrate the tourism supply chain.